Disturbing Update!:

In late December, MX Properties, Inc began to receive emails from an undisclosed individual who was behaving in a most irrational and threatening manner. MX is unable to disclose the identity of this "gentleman" because he was never identified in either of Carmen De Souza's letters (11/16/2016 & 18/16/2016). We can only surmise that this man might (we emphasize the word "might") have dealings with Carmen De Souza or John S Diak. In the series of troubling emails, this individual openly made libelous statements regarding MX Properties, Inc that were completely unfounded. Most concerning were some of the words that this man spewed about such as "crime". Let it be completely understood that MX Properties, Inc NEVER engaged in any improprieties at all. MX simply complied with the demand / inducement letter that Carmen De Souza composed (see letters below). At all times, MX Properties, Inc acted respectfully and in good faith when meeting the demands of lawyer Carmen De Souza. Again, this "gentleman" has no privy to MX Properties as his name or his company is named or disclosed in Ms De Souza's letters. We call upon this "gentleman" to refrain IMMEDIATELY from making false statements regarding MX Properties, Inc. This "gentleman" does not fully realize it, but he has made matters much worse for those directly involved as a result of his threats and repeated falsehoods. 

The Carmen De Souza Dilemma:

Our company MX Properties, Inc was first introduced to Carmen De Souza, attorney at law by our consultant Mr John S Diak. MX Properties through Mr Diak was attempting to obtain project financing for one of his sources. Mr Diak called MX Properties, Inc and said that the "attorney", Ms De Souza, had demanded that $11000 be paid to facilitate the transaction. To protect its interests. Mx Properties, Inc asked Mr Diak to obtain a letter from Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza that would confirm that upon payment of the $11000, its funds would be promptly released.

On 16/11/2016, Carmen De Souza, composed a demand letter to MrJohn  Diak instructing MX Properties, Inc that the $11000 must be paid prior to disbursement of funding in the amount of $5mm Euro. In her letter she would only define the funds that were to be as "fees". Her Inducement letter when on to say that upon receipt of the $11000, MX Properties, Inc funds would be released "immediately.  Further of interest, attorney De Souza failed or refused to disclose the name of her client. So on 18/11/2016, MX Properties, Inc promptly wired its funds for the referenced "fees" in Carmen De Souza's demand letter. 

MX Properties, Inc then received a letter dated 18/11/2016 that stated that she confirmed the "fees" were paid by MX and received. This letter continued to state that she instruct the "bank" to begin the transfer process without delay.

Approximately five weeks went by with no funds being received following Carmen De Souza's Inducement Letter. MX Properties, Inc then vigorously attempted to contact Ms De Souza but was totally ignored by her. 

This entire nightmare is still on going without any resolution in sight. This is an act of clear Fraud In The Inducement by Carman De Souza.
MX Properties, Inc hereby requests that Ms De Souza takes the appropriate steps to finalize its funding and restore all parties' credibility.

Prior to hiring lawyers in Lisbon, ensure that the right and appropriate amount of due diligence is conducted.